Spring has Finally Sprung in our Part of the World

The husband officially started his spring cleaning today. We had been busy the previous couple of weeks so since we don’t have anything on our schedule today, he, without any thought, grabbed the chance. Good thing the weather is gorgeous because that’s one reason he’s late in getting started: all the frigid weather we’ve been having. It’s so warm outside and it’s not windy. Needless to say, today is the perfect time to dump those dried leaves that I’ve raked and piled.

I’ve been busy here inside the house too doing some minor organizing and cleaning here in our home office. I’ve done some browsing too about things that I needed for my spring projects. Checking www.nchealthagency.com might be included, but that still remains to be seen. Depends on my time because I am also planning to do some raking too to help the hubs. Later though, when it is already not that warm outside. Hehe.

I’m His Handy Little Helper

There was a time that Hubby was looking for electrical and duct tape but couldn’t find any in his cabinet where he stores all his tools and hardware. What can I say? No one would be able to find anything in his messy cabinet. Everything is just topsy turvy. But he has been so busy with work that he couldn’t find time to arrange or organize it.

So here comes the good wife to the rescue. LOL. I organized the cabinet today and ‘lo and behold, I found electrical and duct tape. Yeah, not just one but three rolls of each. And I found one more that looks like the gaffers tape from guitar center – a masking tape actually. I was amused with that. Masking tapes should be stored in the home office drawers, shouldn’t it? My husband probably just threw it there.

Now the cabinet is clean and organized. He’ll be very glad to discover it later when he gets home from work.

I’m Full

That is the one famous line here in the household that I always love to hear after we had our meal. That is my husband’s line when he had a hearty meal. And it is always music to my ears. Why? Because that only meant one thing, he enjoyed his meal. Heehee.

Before I got here in his abode, he would only have either TV dinners or nachos for dinner. Not healthy at all, for me. So when I got here, one of my goals was to feed him home cooked meals. I don’t consider myself a good cook but I am trying to feed him good by checking for recipes online or on Pinterest.

We’ve been married for three years now and so far so good. He definitely deserves to be fed good because he is such a hardworking man.

Actually, after he says that line, he follows it with, “Thank you, Honey!” (“,)

He’s Rough and Tough, and What I Got Him Matched His Persona

Have I already told you what I got my husband for his birthday? A new wrist watch! It took me some time to decide on which one to get though because although there were a lot of gorgeous watches out there, I had a budget to think of.

I found a Tissot watch but decided on a Timex Expedition instead. He wanted a sporty one, so I grabbed it. I actually went off budget but I never regretted a thing because my husband was over the moon when he saw it.

Nothing is more delightful than seeing your loved one so happy about the gift that you give them. And tell you what? It looked gorgeous on him. So perfect! Glad I did great!

My Dreams are to Make His Dreams Come True

Okay…I always talk about getting the hubs one of those musical instruments that he so wants like a guitar or a guitar case or better yet a set of new speakers like the affordable adam a7, etc., and up to now, I still haven’t gotten him any of the aforementioned. Even just guitar strings which is much much cheaper.

His birthday has passed and I got him a different present instead. Not that it made him unhappy. He is more than delighted to have it, but my dream is still getting him a brand-new musical instrument. He is a music lover and he loves playing the guitar. You already know that because I’ve talked about that before. And when I am going to fulfill those dreams of mine for him, time will only tell.

And that’s where my gift for him comes in. I gave him a wrist watch for his birthday. That will surely tell the time until his next present from me. Teehee.