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Last Mowing for this Year

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That’s what the hubs hopes for. He mowed the yard yesterday. He also did the weed eating and leaf blowing. It’s not the end of the leaf blowing just yet for sure. It’s only the beginning actually. There are already a lot of leaves falling but there will be more coming soon.

I really hope that’s the last of the his mowing adventures. Well, he said mowing is easy especially that he has his riding mower. It’s the weed eating that he dreaded doing. We had a lot of trees in our property and he had to weed eat the weeds around those trees. Poor hubby. He has been doing it since his teenage years and he is really tired of it.

Don’t worry, hubby. Without a doubt, there is no mowing nor weed eating nor leaf blowing in my home country. (“,) Can’t wait for that time to come.

Fall is About to Fall in Our Lap

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With all the blogs that I follow and read regularly, there is one common thing that I’ve been seeing lately: fall home tours of the bloggers’ lovely homes. It’s not officially fall yet but the crisp air and chilly mornings certainly makes me think that it’s already fall. And with all the fall home decorating that I’ve been seeing, the more it feels like it is really fall already.

I haven’t tried decorating for fall yet but now that I’ve seen a lot of ideas, I have this itch to decorate this year for the first time. The focal point of my decorating would be the mantle in the living room and since the living room opens up to the dining room and kitchen, I will decorate all the rooms.

I will focus on orange and gold hues. I am searching for some cheap decors at the dollar store and that harvest gold 120 round crinkle taffeta table cover is really perfect for the dining room table. I can’t wait to start but we are going to have a hectic schedule this week. I will try my best to squeeze it in. If not, then I will just decorate next week after fall has truly arrived.

It was A Success!

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I mentioned here previously about the husband’s plan of fixing the master bathroom floor over the weekend. And…it was a success! He was anxious that he might run into problems (like his previous DIYs) but fortunately he did not. He started late Saturday afternoon since our schedule was hectic before that. We had the first soccer game for the fall season and we went grocery shopping afterwards. We got home by mid-afternoon already.

He was not supposed to start until Sunday since he thought it might be too late to start in the late afternoon of Saturday, but he got his groove on and did some. He removed the floors that needed to be replaced. By Sunday, he’s got an early start in putting the new floors already. He was done after three hours. Is that a long time? I had no idea because I haven’t done such work. Wink! But him being a DIY-er, I think it was a fast one.

Good job, Hubby! Until your next project. (“,)

Good Things are Worth Waiting For

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Fall is coming and we never got to do anything about one of the projects that we had planned for this summer and that was to update our kitchen cabinets. We planned to either re-stain or paint them and change the hardware but we never got around to it. The reason? The budget simply wasn’t there for that project because aside from soccer, our son joined the concert music band at school which means more expenses. And I do believe that his curricular activities are a priority. So the cabinets will have to wait for next year. I hope we get to do it then.

I love the designs of the cabinetry at ovis online and I think we can incorporate some of it on our planned update. It may not be exactly the same since the cabinets are old and outdated but we’ll try our best to make them nicer. They’re still very usable and the wood used isn’t falling apart yet. The fixes that needs to be done are just cosmetics – easy to update actually but still, it needs money and time.

Keeping my fingers crossed that the project will materialize next year.

My DIY-er Husband

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Just finished talking to my hubby on the phone. He called me from work to ask for some measurements in the master bathroom. He is going to be doing some fixing on the floor soon so he needed the measurements for the materials that he would be needing.

My hubby is a fixer-upper or better yet a DIY-er. He does all the plumbing here at home and soon he will be doing some carpentry work too. The fixing that needs to be done in the bathroom doesn’t need plumbing but more of carpentry since it has to do with the floor. He has been wanting to do it for a few weeks now but life has just been hectic with us since school started because aside from school, our son is also into soccer as well as the school concert band.

He is looking into doing it this weekend and I am hoping he will not run into problems and the fix would be easy peasy for him.

Good luck, Hubby!